Monday, March 14, 2011

hemmmm ^^,

girls are not prizes to be displayed
they are not object to be sit
they are not competition to be won
they are not unintelligent to be look down on
they are not toys to be played with
they are not garbage to be thrown away
but instead, girls are flowers to be appreciated
they are humans to be considered
they are gold to be valued
they are fragile as a glass to be handle carefully
they are the important backbone to sapport
and they are among the smartes people in this
world and i thought, living in the 21st century would
change the fact that were men were was level
as animals unless a bring this grace
however, what i thought was wrong
history does repeat itself again
but in a different and ironic way
cammon girls,
have shame, have respect, have dignity,
for we all are supergirls
we can bring down a whole empire
and still build a nation

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